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Sx2 Dongle - Tuning for mid-mounted eBike engines

You want to make your eBike faster? The Sx2 Dongle is the perfect eBike Tuning Tool to make your eBike twice as fast in a simple way. This amazing eBike Tuning Device is very easy to install and works with Bosch engines (Bosch 2014: Gen2; Bosch Active Line / Bosch Performance Line & Bosch 2013: Gen1; Bosch Classic Line) as well as Panasonic, Brose, Impulse and Yamaha.
The Sx2 Tuning Dongle doubles the engine support from 25 km/h to 50 km/h. It causes no changes in the engine electronics and all eBike assistance levels are retained. You don´t need any extra-batteries to use it. Of course the Sx2 eBike Tuning Dongle is full outdoor suitable and 100% maintenance free. Due to its pluggable design the Sx2 Dongle can be removed within view seconds to undo the tuning and drive legally on public roads again. Use the Sx2 Tuning Dongle to turn your eBike into a much faster Pedelec!
Here are the facts about the Sx2 Dongle:
- The Sx2 Dongle makes your eBike twice as fast (engine support to 50 km/h)
- Very easy to install (“Plug & Play”)
- All eBike assistance levels are retained
- No changes in the engine electronics
- No battery necessary
- 100% Outdoor suitable due to encapsulated electronics
- Legal in 2 Seconds: Simply remove the Dongle and drive legally on public roads again
- Theft-proof through pluggable design
- Quality Made in Germany